Iran impresses with its diversity. Experience the different cultures and religions of the country on your personal round trip along the Silk Road. Meet many locals in the bazaars and tea houses, discover the unique architecture of the magnificent mosques and palaces and be enchanted by the charm of the desert cities.


5 breakfasts,1 launch


Hotel /Local Traditional House


25-Seat VIP BUS or Private vehicle


Tehran, Iran


Isfahan, Iran


6Days -5Nights


Day 1

Today we will leave Tehran and drive to Mesr Desert via Semnan road, After arrival in Mesr Desert, we will have accommodation in local traditional house for rest, Mesr Desert is in the far east of Isfahan province in Central Iran. at night we will have chance for photography around the fire and Desert sky at night is full of stars and you will feel one of the good vibes on the world. Make sure the Sunset, Moonrise, Dunes, Camels and traditional houses and hear the silence of the desert it’s amazing.

Accommodation: Local Traditional House (Night)

Meals:  Breakfast


Day 2

Today you will get acquainted with Tehran during a full-day tour with your knowledgeable leader. Begin your explorations at the World Heritage-listed Golestan Palace – an opulent masterpiece of the Qajar era embodying early Persian design. Continue with a stroll through the Tehran Old Bazaar – still the economical heart of the country, your leader will help you navigate the mystifying maze of stalls selling everything from copper to carpets. Then, make a visit to the National Museum. While it may not look as inspiring as other city buildings from the outside, inside is a treasure trove of Iran’s rich history. Keep your eye out for the Salt Man from Zanjan – preserved in salt for centuries.

Accommodation: Hotel (Night/ Tehran)

Meals: Dinner.

Activities: City Tour  National Museum of Iran  Golestan Palace  Old Bazaar


Day 3

Today we will start our mission in the middle of desert, we will use SUV vehicles to have safe jumps on the dunes by high speed, for lunch we will serve Kebab, after lunch we will move to Amirabad Village where you can find green zone in pure desert! Then visit of few Fountains of Water and birds watching around of fountain. At night when sun goes down, billions of stars glow in the desert sky and we will enjoy of traditional music alongside fire and this going to surprise every Eco tourists!

Accommodation: Local Traditional House  (Night )

Meals: Breakfast, launch


Day 4

Start our day with drive to Khour and Garmeh Villages for visit a beautiful Palms tree and Salt Lake, then drive to Nain for visiting Narin Castle, after that we will continue by driving to Isfahan.

Accommodation: Hotel (Night/ Isfahan)

Meals: Breakfast

Activities: Khour and Garmeh Villages  Narin Castle.


Day 5

Get ready to visit half of the world; Isfahan was once the capital of Persia and one of the largest cities in the world. Even today, the city retains much of its past glory. This hub of creativity was rightly granted the title “Half-of-the-World” due to its flourishing commerce and a great variety of astonishing arts ranging from poetry and handicrafts to unique architectural styles. We begin our journey through Isfahan by visiting Chehel-Sotun Palace. This architectural masterpiece is a pavilion in the midst of a park at the far end of a long pool which is a typical design of all Persian Gardens. The palace has been constructed for the King’s entertainment and receptions during Safavid-era. Chehel Sotun Palace literally means “Forty Columns” which was inspired by the twenty slender wooden columns supporting the entrance pavilion, which, when reflected in the water of the fountain, are said to appear to be forty. The most startling feature of the pavilion is the brilliant interior design and paintings which includes fabulous roofs, old tile-covered floors, and painted walls featuring scenes of battles and celebrations hold by the king. Chehel-Sotun Palace is not just an old building; it tells us about history and each and every crack on the walls or the floors holds a story of the past. We will continue our tour to Meidane Emam (Naghsh-e-Jahan) (WHS) Square which is an oblong-shaped square built in Safavid era. The square with its lively atmosphere has always been a perennial tourist attraction; it is bordered on all sides by aesthetically remarkable monumental buildings linked by a series of two-storied arcades of shops. The monuments surrounding the square are named Shah Mosque, The Pavilion of Ali-Qapu next we visit Imam Mosque situated on the south side of the Shah square. The mosque was built during Safavid period by the order of the first Shah Abbas of Persia. The undeniable beauty and Sophistication in design of the mosque do mirror ages and years of experience in constructing mosques by Iranians. All parts of the mosque have been woven together in great harmony to present a seamless, matchless whole. Religious concepts along with traditional symbols are all fully tangible in the design of the structure. The dome of the mosque standing on top with tall Minarets soaring into the sky, seem to invite every passerby in to worship and pray the Lord. Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, standing on the eastern side of Naghsh-e-Jahan Square, is considered as one of the marvels of Persian architecture. Every element of the building is a true embodiment of elegance; it enchants every viewer by its dome changing color from dawn to dusk. There is an underground corridor offering a passage from the building to Ali-Qapu palace which is going to be the next piece of history to visit. The Pavilion of Ali-Qapu is a grand palace located on the western side of the Naghsh-e-Jahan Square, opposite of Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque. The building was named Ali-Qapu which means “great gate” in as much as it was right at the entrance to the Safavid palaces which stretched from the

Naghsh-e-Jahan Square to the Chahar Bagh Boulevard. The structures were a symbol of the government’s power and was originally used as a place to hold important political negotiations. Ali-Qapu is rich in naturalistic wall paintings; they abound with floral, animal and bird motifs. The building is also embellished with mirrors, arcs and magnificent colorful tiles, in the next we will have a free time for visiting  Grand Bazaar. At night visit Siyosepol and Khaju old bridges.

Accommodation: Hotel (Night/ Isfahan)

Meals: Breakfast

Activities: Chehel-Sotun Palace  Meidane Emam  Imam Mosque  Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque   Grand Bazaar  Siyosepol and Khaju bridge .


Day 6

In the early morning we will move to IFN airport for our departure flight.

Saying goodbye is never easy, but it is time to go to the airport. Iran is a kind of place that you cannot get enough of it and to appreciate its beauty thoroughly in such few days is not possible. Therefore, until next time we will have the honor to host you here in Iran take care and enjoy your flight.


Activities: Complimentary Airport Departure Transfer.


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